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A.B. Data, Ltd., Named to “Inc. 5000” List of Private Companies

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2011 Stevie Award

Only an elite group of class action administration firms earns a global reputation for achieving the highest levels of competence, innovation and efficiency in all facets of Notice Administration.

What distinguishes A.B. Data within this peer group?

It is the rare blend of experience, coupled with a corporate culture that places the highest value on the simple idea of being personally involved with our clients. As we’ve grown in size and stature, we have never lost the profound satisfaction of bringing value to our partners.

A.B. Data Notice Administration: What Our Expertise Means to You

Your Needs A.B. Data Delivers Benefits to You
Expert Notice Plan Design A comprehensive resource with a depth of experience in direct notice. Our thorough planning in accordance with all facets of Rule 23 reduces the chance of a successful objection.
Digital Media Expertise Industry-leading expertise to this critically important component in any notice plan. With quick and efficient access to hundreds of millions of potential class members, our plans can increase claims rates and reduce expenses.
Class Member Research Comprehensive expertise in data gathering with critical experience in understanding class demographics and behavioral characteristics. We are subscribers to GfK MRI, publishers of the Survey of the American Consumer®. Cost-effective Notice programs are supported by accredited, reliable data, thereby reducing the opportunity for a successful objection.
National and International Capabilities A.B. Data has published notices in 109 countries, requiring a mastery of over 80 different languages. Our associates receive extensive training to understand cultural nuances relevant to each class. We are a single resource with global reach. We manage complex cases efficiently and handle diverse cultural issues with a high degree of sensitivity. Documents and data are translated for meaning and content that meet the requirements of Rule 23.
Unmatched Capacity Our 170,000-square-foot mail distribution center enables us to efficiently process millions of notices, along with the capacity to receive high volumes of incoming mail. Additionally, we are a licensee of various postal products, including NCOALink®. With all operations under one roof, capacity and efficiency are never issues in processing large mailings. Quality, confidentiality, and timeliness are not compromised.
Notice Document Design We carefully compose and format notices to be accurate, easily understandable, and cost-effective to produce and mail (i.e., summary notices, long-form notices, direct mail, email, case websites and other forms of notice). Our expertise in communication, design, and production results in forms that are easy to read and understand along with cost-efficient processing.

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Highly Engaged at Every Level

A.B. Data offers that rare combination of hands-on engagement with each client matched by a critical depth of talent and broad scope of IT capabilities. The dedication and professionalism throughout our organization drives our class action administration team to meet deadlines with uncompromising quality.

As an experienced and collaborative team, we lead the process of:

  • • Locating potential class members
  • • Formatting, printing, and disseminating notice documents
  • • Designing and implementing cross-platform media programs
  • • Maintaining case-specific interactive call centers with live agents
  • • Designing, supporting, and hosting case-specific websites
  • • Coordinating legal translation of notice documents
  • • Preparing affidavits and delivering expert testimony