About Us

Founded in 1981, A.B. Data has earned an international reputation for expertly managing the complexities of class action administration in securities, ERISA, consumer, antitrust, employment, civil rights, insurance, environmental and other class action cases.

At the heart of our success is the very rare combination of size, talent, and organizational culture. Among the leading class action administration firms in the U.S., A.B. Data has assembled one of the industry’s largest and most accomplished class action administrative teams. Of course, headcount alone doesn’t denote expertise.

Built on a foundation of values that places the highest trust on the integrity of each A.B. Data associate, we continue to attract the industry’s brightest minds. What has resulted is an unmistakable feeling of competence, agility, and client engagement.

This philosophy of respect and professionalism toward clients and claimants, along with an intensely case-specific approach to business, guides every aspect of our work—from the pre-settlement phase through notice administration, claims processing, and fund distribution.