Data Management

From the onset of a case, A.B. Data creates a rock-solid database that accurately captures all relevant information. Each debtor can match his, her, or its accounts-payable database to the corresponding creditor database. Our interface is designed in a clear, highly readable, easy-to-use format in which every event is carefully tracked and from which reports can be generated quickly and easily.

Our data management services include the following:

  • Design and management of searchable databases of creditor classes
  • Data transfer via secure and encrypted formats
  • Data entry available in multiple languages; there are established audit procedures for each step of the bankruptcy process
  • Customized report generation based on attorney and court requirements
  • Document imaging (scanning); use of optical character recognition (OCR) technology to convert handwritten claims and other documents into searchable databases
  • Secure online access
  • Data enhancement
    • Segmentation – assigning keycodes to segments in mailings to creditor classes for accurate response processing; a segment may represent a creditor class, geographic region, list used, or any other criterion
    • Telephone database appending – addition/correction of business/residential phone numbers
  • Address correction and standardization
    • CASS-certified address standardization (hygiene)
    • FASTforward® and NCOA (move updating)
    • ZIP+4 bar coding
    • Maximized postal discounting (mail-stream updating)
    • Merge-purge duplicate identification and elimination
  • A name-search program that locates individuals in the United States whose addresses are lost and/or unavailable
  • Deduplication of databases and lists