Mail Services

A.B. Data’s 170,000-square-foot bindery and mail distribution center is one of America’s largest and most advanced facilities, capable of mailing 4 million pieces a day. The facility’s production department operates three shifts around the clock, six days a week, employing more than 130 specialists. Our mail services include the following:

  • Confidentiality and security. Transactional mail employees handling financial data have completed thorough background checks, including the following:
    • FBI criminal-background check
    • Credit check
    • Motor-vehicle-department check
    • Educational credentials check
    • Past-employment verification
    • Reference check
  • Mailing of documents according to court and/or attorney schedules
  • Audit-trail reporting
  • A Hand Fulfillment Department for special and standard hand-fulfillment projects
  • Online real-time customer inventory access
  • Full capacity for complete, coordinated mail services for any bankruptcy case, regardless of scale