Reorganization and Fund Disbursement

A.B. Data provides fund-distribution and data-communication services to concerned parties. Our facilities offer the highest level of security, disbursing 70,000 checks a week, totaling $1 billion annually. Our services include the following:

  • Implementation of reorganization plans where distribution of funds is required
  • Claims categorization
  • Reporting of liabilities by class
  • Court affidavit preparation and testimony to finalize reorganizations, fund distributions, and implementation of reorganization processes
  • Disbursement reports for courts and attorneys
  • Compilation of additional reports for legal teams and courts as required
  • Audit-trail reporting
  • Accounts reconciliation
  • A secure environment that includes the following:
    • Data security
    • Secure Socket Layer server
    • Video monitoring
    • Customization of security procedures
    • Limited physical access to production facilities
    • Lockdown mode when checks are printed
    • Key employees who have completed thorough background checks: FBI criminal-background check, credit check, motor-vehicle-department check, educational credentials check, and past-employment verification