Business Support Services

A.B. Data, Ltd., provides administrative support services to companies, organizations, and other entities facing data breaches, recalls, remediations, and other crisis or time-sensitive matters. Our seasoned project management teams design and implement customizable solutions, including hard-copy and/or electronic customer notifications, call centers, informational websites, and processing of customer reimbursements. A.B. Data will relieve the administrative burden in a cost-effective manner, allowing companies and other entities to overcome any crisis situation.

  • Data Breaches
    • A.B. Data serves clients across a wide array of industries responding to data breaches. We have the infrastructure and the means to initiate hard-copy and digital notification programs, multilingual live call center services, website build-outs, and processing centers, all quickly and seamlessly. Our team of experts will partner with you to build a response plan that protects your brand, customers, and reputation.
  • Product Recalls
    • A.B. Data specializes in implementing multilayered notification programs to effectuate product recalls of any size or magnitude. Whether it’s mailing millions of notifications or establishing a 24/7 call center with live operators, A.B. Data is equipped to relieve your administrative burden, no matter what the scenario.
  • Remediations
    • Whether due to regulatory scrutiny or customer demands, A.B. Data partners with companies and other entities to implement complex remediation programs. From notifying customers to processing reimbursements or exchanges, A.B. Data’s team of consultants and Project Managers will seamlessly execute specialized programs involving mailed notifications, call centers, forms processing, and/or distributions.


To implement a Consent Order with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, A.B. Data effectuated a product recall program for a client’s retail product that posed a substantial risk of injury and/or death to children and teenagers. A.B. Data utilized a mail and email notification process, including the creation of a matter-specific website, a 24/7 call center, and email support. Our team processed the product returns and ultimately sent reimbursement payments to thousands of customers.