Healthcare & Insurance

Healthcare and insurance settlements are among the most detailed in the spectrum of class action litigation. A.B. Data brings a significant depth of category experience to our clients, as well as the seamless workings of a fully integrated operation for class member interaction and funds disbursement.

The A.B. Data difference is apparent from the initial planning sessions. Clients appreciate the critical perspectives of a team that has a demonstrated track record of maximizing the notice reach and engaging class members in a professional manner.

Operationally, A.B. Data offers best-of-breed systems and personnel to develop and administer cost-effective notice programs; customized websites and social media programs that provide easy-to-understand information on multilingual platforms; a 24-hour call center managed by a full-time staff trained on specific details of the case; and the power of a 170,000-square-foot printing and fulfillment center.

Our 30-year legacy in direct marketing ensures clients benefit from the newest technologies to extract necessary data and accelerate the claims process.

Just as important is the level of support provided by your A.B. Data project managers and account team. We bring a passion for a steady flow of clear and precise information, along with the experience to anticipate and manage potential disruptive issues to ensure flawless administration of the settlement.