Labor and Employment

With experience in a variety of Labor and Employment class action settlements, A.B. Data is equipped to proficiently manage administration services in a multitude of employment matters, from anti-discrimination to wage and hour violations. Being well versed in the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (FLSA), we are able to reinforce guidelines in collaboration with the client and ultimately offer comprehensive services to expedite the settlement process.

A.B. Data offers security, knowledge, and the versatility to seamlessly adapt to each unique case. With in-house certified public accountants and financial professionals, we are able to develop plans to meet client needs while effectively managing administrative costs. A.B. Data is raising the bar on claims processing with our proprietary claims engine and leading edge class action software.

Led by a team of attorneys, our experienced claims administrators design case-customized claims and conveniently converts documentation into a searchable database. A.B. Data’s quality control, accountability, and reporting ensures precise execution of all administration details in accordance with client specifications while proficiently identifying fraudulent claims, preparing affidavits, and managing claims related correspondence with a trained eye.

A.B. Data’s unparalleled quality assurance and quality control procedures will ensure the transmission of clear and accurate information to class members in a courteous and professional manner.