Direct Mail

As a leading class action notice administrator, A.B. Data is an expert in producing high volumes of notice documents with unsurpassed speed and a focused attention to detail. Drawing upon our vast resources as one of North America’s highest volume direct mail producers, we offer the most cost-efficient formats to optimize the efficacy of every notice program.

Our direct mail services encompass:

  • Notice form design, print production, and extensive in-house mailing capabilities.
  • Market-leading name and address search expertise.
  • Complete database management proficiency.

Kelly Gardner,
Vice President of List Services

Ms. Gardner brings over 20 years of experience in database marketing. As a member of the A.B. Data family since 1990, her proficiency in the management of complex databases is a critical component in A.B. Data’s Notice Administration program.

Lizabeth Ludowissi,
Vice President of Production

Ms. Ludowissi oversees the production of all mailings and special projects. Having joined A.B. Data in 1980, her depth of experience in virtually every role in the company continues to provide invaluable insights into the needs of our clients. During her 30+ years of service, Ms. Ludowissi has worked to streamline our Production Department, implementing strict quality controls and overseeing all scheduling and print purchasing, as well as data processing, personalization, and mail shop services. She also acts as Postal Liaison on all USPS-related matters.