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Talent.  Technology.  Experience.

We're Driven by an Entrepreneurial Formula for Success:

Recruit industry-best talent.

Challenge technical minds to innovate, continuously.

Build a dynamic team that wants to be better every day.

Why A.B. Data?

For Class Action Administration that is

Client Focused + Worry Free + Technology Driven

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Client Focused Services

We make Claims Administration easy for our clients with clarity, convenience, and efficiency.

We navigate the intricacies of our clients' matters and deliver successful results using our expertise, advanced technologies, and top-rated services.

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Worry Free Administration

Our Experienced Team will work with you to ensure that your administration progresses smoothly.

Trust us to administer any case no matter the complexity, size, scope, country, and/or type.

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Technology Driven

Through our years of experience, we have streamlined the Notice, Claims, and Digital Payment Process.

We apply customized, advanced techniques to target Class Members and offer multiple digital payment options for claims.

Experience is Everything.

Digital PayPortal

DPP SS.png

A.B. Data's own Digital PayPortal will enhance your customers' claim experience with instant fund delivery and over 250 digital payment options like Amazon, PayPal, Visa, Target, and many other premium retailers and grocers.

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A.B. Data has executed more Pharmaceutical cases than all other administrators combined.

We are the Leading Claims Administrator for Antitrust and Securities Cases. A.B. Data's experience is unmatched in our processes and data & privacy, and we significantly shorten the time needed from filing deadlines to completion of distributions.

We adhere to stringent protocols around systems and security and leverage modern technologies. Our ability to send digital payments with A.B. Data's Digital PayPortal is one of the largest impacts we can offer and execute in these kinds of cases.

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