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A.B. Data's Digital PayPortal


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Eric Schachter, Vice President of Client Services

"We provide turnkey solutions with our Digital PayPortal.

      With instant fund delivery, it will enhance your customers'
      claim experience with 
over 250 digital payment options."

Easy. Fast. Secure.

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Our Digital Enhancements Advantage

Digital PayPortal

Out with the Old. In with the NEW.

We offer the ability for you to track payments for your case in real time. 

With just an email address, funds can
be transferred directly to individuals.

Distributions can be completed within weeks and cases close much faster.

Easy. Fast. Secure.

Offering a variety of popular options like Amazon, PayPal, Debit, and over 250 retailers that can be customized for each case.

All of this can be done securely without
the need for personal banking information.

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The Bottom Line:

Consumers are guaranteed a Secure, Easy, & Fast
user experience when receiving their payments.

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