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Privacy Policy

A.B. Data, Ltd. uses this website as an educational source for users to learn about our company and services. Our privacy policy was developed to inform visitors as to how we manage basic information acquired from your visit to the website, or information provided to us during your visit to our website.

How is the information used by A.B. Data?
In general, the information collected is used by A.B. Data to respond to a user inquiry. Other uses may include: changes to website content; notification to users about website updates; and analysis of website content and usage patterns. This information is not shared with anyone outside of A.B. Data, Ltd.

Regarding data security and retention practices: A.B. Data, Ltd. takes appropriate measures to secure data gathered but cannot guarantee that data transmitted over the Internet will be completely secure. Due to the nature of the Internet, data may be exchanged over networks that do not provide appropriate measures of security and may be accessed and/or used by parties other than those the user intended.

Regarding retention practices: It is the practice of A.B. Data, Ltd. to retain submitted information for as long as needed to fulfill user requests, or to perform relevant analysis of website-related usage.

Regarding cookies: We may use cookies to store user preferences, record session information, and/or record user-specific information as to content/pages accessed.

Regarding minors: A.B. Data does not intentionally attempt to collect personal information about or from minors.

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