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What Matters to You, Matters to Us

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"At A.B. Data every case, every client,
every Class Member is critically
important to us."

Elaine Pang, Vice President of Media

Every A.B. Data client is deserving of the best job we can put forward.

We provide our clients with the full experience of a truly collaborative working relationship.
It is why we believe much of our success originates from our philosophy of
People Doing Business with People.

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Pre-Settlement Consultation

Our support teams simplify the task of sorting through a maze of documents during investigation and discovery, streamlining the process and preserving fund assets.

It's a collaborative session to help our clients prepare a stronger case.

We assist with media packages for court presentations & settlement negotiations and work closely with our clients offering expert testimony on documents, processing, class & notice manageability, and proposed plans of allocation.

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Notice Administration

In A.B. Data, clients have available our comprehensive resource with depth of experience in direct notice.

From our sophisticated digital media capabilities and extensive global experience with Class Member research, our experts create notice documents that are easily understandable and cost-efficient to produce.

We consult with our clients to establish the most influential and cost-effective means of communicating with potential claimants.

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Media Services

Our team of certified experts implement legal notice programs using validated methodologies and research tools to locate audiences.  Ever-changing media consumption and advanced technology have allowed us to use a data driven approach in identifying demographics, media usage, and online habits to ensure results.  We have the capabilities to integrate traditional and digital platforms to effectively maximize coverage and minimize costs.

Also, we are a full-service firm that provides design and production capabilities to enhance user experience to drive claims rate. 

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Claims Processing

A.B. Data just introduced a robust system for online claims submissions, which allows us to meticulously verify data and documentation, preserve & authenticate claims, and calculate & verify settlement amounts. In addition, we have upgraded our entire data network to enhance our on-site data storage, backup, contingency plans, and security for electronic and hard copy claim filings. It's all part of a total commitment to be the most innovative and comprehensive resource in the industry.

We take pride in having the in-house capacity to process millions of pages, as well as the organizational integrity to treat every claim as if it were the only one.

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Contact Center

Our Contact Center is comprised of a full staff of experts who are trained to monitor and connect with Class Members. We watch multiple social media channels simultaneously, allowing for instantaneous routing of inquiries and interaction with claimants. Detailed and concise analytical reports outlining activities are always provided. We also have in-house Spanish associates. We can accommodate any language with lead time.

A.B. Data's Contact Center and case websites are capable of handling millions of Class Member engagements. A recent campaign garnered over 1.2 million website visits in two months and had more than 72,500 Facebook engagements. 

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Case Websites

We offer a state-of-the-art technology platform that supports every step of our claims administration process.

Our expert marketing professionals offer customized case-specific websites that provide potential Class Members easy access to case information, critical documents, important deadlines, as well as the capability to register for future mailings about the case.

Claimants can use the website to elect to receive their settlement payments by mail or by one of several digital payment options, all accessible by mobile devices.

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Settlement Fund Distribution

From complete escrow services to qualified settlement funds, check or coupon printing & mailing, electronic cash or stock distribution, and tax services, A.B. Data provides a full-service solution to Settlement Fund Distribution. Our IT team has decades of experience in developing and implementing fast, secure databases and claims administration systems that ensure Class Members receive the correct amount in their settlement disbursement. Today’s digital capabilities allow even greater convenience for Class Members who can elect to receive payments via a secure check, or they can choose from up to 250 digital payment options, including PayPal, Amazon, Visa, and Starbucks.

A.B. Data’s incident response team offers unmatched resources and capacity. We have decades of experience across multiple industries in administering notification to millions of affected individuals, fielding thousands of calls, and coordinating credit monitoring services. We utilize our talent and technology to meet each client's specific needs and create custom solutions, delivering unparalleled service on time and on budget without compromising quality.

Our team of experts
has administered many notable data breach and privacy incident response cases. All services are conducted in-house and at our letter print facility, allowing us to streamline notification and distribution processes.

Click here to visit our Incident Response website and learn more.

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