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Our Story

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A.B. Data is a major force in the
Class Action Notice and Claims Administration profession,

. . . known for its exemplary people, institutional knowledge, services,
and high integrity.

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The Strength of our organization is us.

A.B. Data, Ltd. was founded in 1981, guided by the vision of becoming one of the world’s premier direct marketing firms with expertise in working with nonprofit, charitable, and progressive advocacy organizations.

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the company earned a global reputation for developing highly integrated direct response fundraising programs that allowed dozens of organizations to fulfill their critical missions. A.B. Data has been the recipient of 13 national industry awards for the effectiveness of our work.

Building on our passion for worthwhile causes, along with our considerable tactical and operational strengths in direct marketing, A.B. Data Class Action Administration was formed. Guided by a framework of inspirational governing values, an extraordinary organizational work ethic, and an innovative approach to notice administration, our growth has been purposeful and sustained.

In our first case, A.B. Data served as one of the principal Notice Administrators in In re Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation, United States District Court, Eastern District of New York, Case No. CV96-4849, Phase I and Phase III (“HVAP”).

A.B. Data played a key role in the worldwide Phase I Notice, collecting over 500,000 initial questionnaires. In Phase III, A.B. Data delivered notice to over 10,000 Jewish communities in 109 countries and administered international help and call centers.

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The philosophy of A.B. Data has remained simple and unchanged since the earliest days of the company: Attract exceptional people – the brightest minds who enjoy the collaborative process, inspiring one another and setting no limits on what they can accomplish. Particularly in an often high-stress environment, it is this kind of “servant leadership” that creates unparalleled loyalty among our clients, and just as important, among our associates.

Through the diligent work of this team, A.B. Data Class Action Administration has emerged as one of the most respected and fully integrated organizations in our industry. And we continue to attract talented and committed individuals who appreciate the values that guide and differentiate us.

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