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Moving the Needle for Class Actions, Legal Settlements and Dispute Resolutions in Europe

A.B. Data President and distinguished class action administration executive, Thomas Glenn, recently co-authored the article, “Moving the Needle for Class Actions, Legal Settlements and Dispute Resolutions in Europe”. Thomas collaborated with James Carroll and Chris Ford from the Blackhawk Network to share their expertise within this thought leadership piece featured in Global Legal Group's International Comparative Legal Guide to Class & Group Actions 2024.

Thomas and his co-authors discuss the growing number of class action (and similar) cases rising in the United Kingdom and Europe and the core components of effective notice and distribution to consumers. Class actions, group litigation, collective redress, and dispute resolutions will continue to gain momentum across Europe as new legislation is enacted, communication and data processing technologies improve, and consumers seek settlement opportunities. The desired future state of settlements in Europe is one where consumers are aware, completely engaged, and understand their rights; legal systems (across jurisdictions) are aligned with how they handle these types of cases; streamlined communications are clear, transparent, and effectual; and administration and simple distribution processes use the latest technologies. The benefits are numerous. The UK and Europe now have an important opportunity to transform this process to better help consumers who have been harmed.

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