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Paul Sauberer Promoted to Vice President of Quality

MILWAUKEE, May 3, 2023 –

A.B. Data, a leading class action administrator specializing in providing innovative notice and claims administration solutions, announces the promotion of Paul Sauberer to Vice President of Quality.

Paul has over 25 years of quality assurance and claims industry experience. Under his direction, policies and practices were developed to improve internal systems and operational procedures.

“When A.B. Data faces a unique challenge, Paul and his team always find a solution. Our team and workload have grown significantly these past few years, and he has helped us continue to function fluidly as a larger organization,” said Thomas R. Glenn, president of A.B. Data. “I’m confident Paul and his team will remain flexible and adapt to any new changes to uphold A.B. Data’s positive reputation among our clients and industry leaders.”

Paul works with A.B. Data’s project management and information systems departments to review and make suggestions for complex plans of allocation. His improvements have streamlined A.B. Data’s processes, saving time and clients’ billings. Paul oversees data intake, audit devising, testing operation of calculation programming, risk mitigation, guideline creation, and supporting the project management team with their ever-increasing case workload.

About A.B. Data, Ltd.

A.B. Data manages the unique challenges of class action administration with convenience, efficiency, and precision for both the private and public sectors. A.B. Data simplifies the claims administration process for its clients and delivers successful results with advanced technology, products, and services. Learn more at and follow us on Twitter at @ClassActionABD.

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