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About Us

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Established in 1981, A.B. Data has earned a reputation
as one of an elite group of Class Action Administration firms.

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Procedures are critical to our success," says Glenn. "We work continuously to make ours the most thorough and cost-effective in our industry.

But the heart of A.B. Data is People Doing Business With People.

Every A.B. Data team member is empowered
to provide the best solutions for our clients.

We've become an easy business to work with by being much more
client-focused and removing unnecessary structure. 



It sounds simple, but the reality among most longstanding class action administration firms is a mindset that it is the duty of the client to fit within their well-established processes and procedures.

At A.B. Data, we honestly view every project as unique and fine-tune our approach
to best serve each client.

Like all within our peer group, we work aggressively
to manage the complexities of class action settlement professionally,
with focused attention to detail and cost savings.

But what sets A.B. Data apart is the
full experience of a truly collaborative working relationship.

This is what guides us.
This is what's remembered long after a case is closed.

We offer a full scope of services that provide turnkey solutions for high profile legal firms specializing in class action litigation.

So what is it that differentiates us?

" Every A.B. Data client is deserving of the best effort we can put forward. "

The essence of our company can be summed up in these words from our President, Thomas R. Glenn:

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